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Aerodynamics of the Helicopter

by Alfred Gessow and Garry C. Myers, Jr.

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ISBN 0-9669553-2-3
Library of Congress Card Nr. 99-068397
351 pages, 6" x 9", hardbound.
$38.00 + S&H

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Republished in response to a continuous demand since it first appearance nearly 50 years ago, "Aerodynamics of the Helicopter" continues to earn its well-deserved reputation as "the classic text on helicopters." Clearly written and well illustrated, it provides the reader with a physical understanding of helicopter behavior, and a capability to quantitatively predict such behavior. Thousands of students and engineers worldwide have learned the fundamentals of helicopter analysis and design from this book, and have found occasion to refer to it again and again throughout their careers. Written primarily for such individuals, the book has also found wide readership amongst people, such as pilots and middle-level managers in industry and government, whose work requires them to have more than a general, qualitative understanding of the whys and wherefores of helicopter flight. Much of its longevity and appeal is credited to its approach which carefully guides the reader midway between a verbal, non-quantitative treatment on one hand, and a complex and highly mathematical exposition on the other. The emphasis on fundamentals makes the book an ideal, indeed necessary, first step towards the study or use of more sophisticated and comprehensive treatments. The book is just as valid for today's helicopters as it was for the first generation.

Table of contents

  1. The Development of Rotating-Wing Aircraft
  2. An Introduction to the Helicopter
  3. An Introduction to Hovering Theory
  4. Hovering and Vertical-Flight Performance Analyses
  5. Factors Affecting Hovering and Vertical-Flight Performance
  6. Autorotation in Vertical Descent
  7. Physical Concepts of Blade Motion and Rotor Control
  8. The Aerodynamics of Forward Flight
  9. Forward-Flight Performance
  10. The Prediction and Effects of Rotor Blade Stall
  11. An Introduction to Helicopter Stability
  12. An Introduction to Helicopter Vibration Problems

Appendices, and Index.

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